Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hi there, another quick post showing a completely CASED card, but I liked the layout and couldn't come up with anything of my own, so.....

It happened that I was away for a few days and lost track of birthday card mailings, so although I didn't really forget it, I just missed it (does that make any difference), this was the perfect choice.
The card is for a male friend who delights in watching the deer come to their property in the early hours of dusk, mainly because they put out bags of corn for the deer as well as a salt block.  We're often lucky enough to be there when the deer decide to come and visit, so nice to see.
So I thought this card would be very appropriate for him.

Here's a peek at the inside.

And that's it for today, thanks for visiting.


Diane - oliver.mdiane@comcast.net said...

Nancy love this card ... The color choice is perfect and peaceful. I know just who this is for too.... We did watch for the deer this weekend...he kept telling everyone they would be out any minute but never showed. At least not while we were making so much noise on the deck!
No worries about the CASE part.. I do that more and more. I think my brain went to nappy time for the summer.

Nance Leedy said...

This is lovely, Mom. Great colors and I love the sponging. I especially like the finished inside with the background stamping. Nice touch!