Friday, November 12, 2010


My "scrappin" friends and myself have been working on decorations for a baby shower to be held in December of this year.
I made a book plate from one of PTI's dies (Mat Stack 3), which was mailed along with the invitation asking guests to purchase an inexpensive baby book, sign their name on the book plate, and place it in the front of the book instead of buying a card.

After making the book plate I ran it through a Xron machine which added the adhesive to the back of the plate making it a sticker for the book. I found some inexpensive felt animals to add to the top of the book plate to top it off. All together I made 93 of these cute book plates (although couldn't get all of them in the photo). Here is a picture of most of them all lined up. I was very happy with the outcome and think the new mommy-to-be will be as well, plus starting a library for the new baby girl!


Nance said...

Gonna be hard for me NOT to make a card too! I ADORE these book plates and the the idea to give a book to the new baby. I happen to know they are even cuter in person!!! :-)

Diane - Rubber 'n Rafters said...

Nancy your bookplates turned out adorable. I agree with Nance that not making card is going to be impossible for all us! There has been many hours put into this project and i can't wait to see more of your efforts here on your log. These little "fuzzy" book plates are ADORABLE in person,

PS: writing this from my new laptop.... oh boy.. Caution...Slow....Learning curve ahead

Ann Schach said...

Oh, Nancy! These are adorable! What a fantastic idea for a baby shower!

jaydee said...

Nancy, what a wonderful project! I agree with Ann, these are fantastic for a baby shower. Thank you for inspiring us and sharing this great project.
Happy Holidays