Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have 3 gal pals coming to visit tomorrow and as a welcome I usually make a little treat I thought this was perfect. It combines Valentine Day and welcome at the same time.

I found cute little cello bags stamped with red hearts (last year) at my craft store, inside I placed fabulously smelling bath sponges with soap already inside (they're supposed to last for 8+ washes-I have one that is going on several months and still good). The fragrance is grapefruit...I know that doesn't sound great, but trust me it is (why didn't I buy a new one for myself)? But the fun thing (I think) is that all the gals share the same bathroom (no easy feat) while they're here so I made tags from SU's Two Tags die and inside I stamped, also from SU's Level One Hostess gift Afterthoughts the perfect sentiment "Just for you don't have to share"! Isn't it great how you can find the perfect sentiment from SU stamps, love 'em.
Wish you could enjoy the fragrance from the sponges, just use your imagination!
Oh, almost forgot also wrapped little boxes of chocolates (Target) to place on their beds with the little bags. I know they' love them I can almost hear them squealing now!


Nance said...

I think I can hear the squealing too! The gals will love them and sing the praises of your creativity! Love your use of the "so you don't have to share" stamp--how perfect!

Diane - said...

OK I CAN hear the squealing and wish it was ME doing it. These are SO stinkin' cute! The sentiment is PERFECT too. You are so thoughtful and creative and I truely MISS you being around me in freezing @$$# Michigan! HUGS!