Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yum, Yum-S'mores!

A friend of mine, Diane of Rubber 'n Rafters, and I went on our annual golf outing this past weekend (we're still trying to recoup). Before we went we decided to make and take S'mores for all the gals to eat. Here are a few pictures of the S'mores, needless to say they were a big hit.

Everyone said they're so cute they wanted to take them home to show their kids rather than eat them. Although a few didn't home!make it home!

Aren't they just adorable, we got the idea from Becky Roberts of Inking Idaho who shared a very similar project a while back. Thanks Becky!

Part of what makes them so cute is the new stackable marshmallows, if you haven't discovered them yet, you're gonna want to find some (we finally went online and found them at a local Walmart).


Diane - said...

Nancy you are sooooo right about them being a big hit. I had a blast making them with you and my favorite part was eating all our broken graham crackers.... which of course needed a little marshmallow & chocolate! yeah baby!

Nance said...

These are adorable Mom!! Love the mosquito stamping on the favor box and the little pennants are such a cute touch! Great idea!!