Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painted vases-who knew!

As I was browsing Pinterest one day I discovered someone who had painted a variety of vases to mimick retail ones that sell for quite a bit of money, so I thought I'd give it a try as well.  I thought my newly painted accent walls in the kitchen deserved a new color scheme for some of  the vases and knickknacks.

Here is a "before" picture of all the different shades of blue and mixed patterns:
Nice, but not what I wanted anymore.

Here is an "after" picture of the same vases after being spray painted with white paint.  I used what ever type of spray paint I had on hand as long as it was white and since I was on a roll I found a few more to add to the collection too.

Here's a picture of some of them on the shelf over the pantry doors .

 Here's the rest of them over the kitchen window

Someone also mentioned if you painted the inside as well the colors wouldn't bleed through.  I didn't take the time to do that as most of my colors were easily covered.  The trick however, is to make sure you do very light coats (several times) to avoid streaking and I spray painted mine outside on the patio.

Hope you like them as much as I do, thanks for looking.


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Diane - said...

Well isn't that a whole lot of gorgeousness! They look lovely and much nicer than just viewing them from your phone. GOOD JOB!!!!
I love the white against the gray paint too. Can't wait to see it in person! hugs