Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall candy acorns!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in months due to a major relocation to another state.  I'm still adjusting to everything.  However in the meantime I did snag this cutie-patotie idea from Pinterest. OMG don't you love Pinterest (and hate it at the same time, I'm definitely addicted to it).

So here are the cute little "acorn" cookies.

Made with mini-vanilla wafers, chocolate kisses and chocolate and butterscotch chips.
I used a chocolate frosting (out of a tube for easy squeezing) to "glue" the "kiss" & the chocolate piece to the vanilla wafer.  So cute the gals at scrappin gobbled 'em up quickly!




Nance Leedy said...

OMG, these are adorable, Mom! Looks like a great project for "Nana Camp"!! Can't wait to see you!

Diane - said...

Nancy! FINALLY... I tried twice to leave a comment from my phone but for some reason my login wouldn't work...???? I'm no techy as we both know so I can't explain..
Anywho.... these ARE adorable and they tasted WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for bringing them to scrapping. I can't wait to make them for work. Hugs

PS: THANKS again for all your leftover baking goods!!! It will go to good use for sure! hugs again.

Ann Schach said...

These are adorable, Nanc! I can't wait to make them!

Vicky Hayes said...

Yes I'm another Pinterest addict Nancy and I love these cute acorns! Hope the move went well.