Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I don't know if any of you share in my dilemma using the new lovely Flower Garden embossing folder from SU trying to get the embossed image on the left hand side of a card, without having to emboss on a separate piece of paper.

BUT, if you are...here is what I discovered (maybe everyone else already knew this, but I thought it was worth posting).

This first picture shows the folder and the end result.
You may also notice I've labeled the folder as to which side embosses and which side de-bosses (am I the only one who gets confused about this)?

Next shows the placement of my card stock into the embossing folder sliding it in enough to pass through the Big Shot (that odd color is just a shadow). The end result has a very slight indentation of the edge of the folder in the center of the card, but it is ever so slight and I think can be covered with whatever else you may be placing on the card.

Here is a picture of my finished card, as you can see the embossing is on the left side of the card. I know I can be obsessive about some things (and all my friends would agree), but I wanted the embossed image on the left side of the card front.

I hope this is clear and something you may wish to try.
Let me know if you have any questions concerning this procedure.

Thanks for looking!

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Diane - oliverdi@att.net said...

Nancy look at you go girl. Doing tutorials and everything!
Great Job!