Friday, October 23, 2015


How about I haven't needed a " baby" card in ages and now I have three in a row.  This one is very similar to my previous post except this one is for a little boy.

Love the idea of being able to just slide a gift card into that little shoppin' bag!

My daughter, Nance of Canopy Crafts and my friend Diane of Rubber 'n Rafters may remember this adorable little elephant. Almost five years ago we made a lot of book marks (here) and believe it or not I still had a few of the fuzzy animals left, better yet I could find them!

I'll have one more Baby card to post in a day or so and I think that'll be it for that type of card, at least for a while.

Here's a picture of the inside...

Now tuck it into a baby blue envelope and off it goes!

Thanks for looking and I hope you leave a comment, even a brief one.

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Diane - said...

I do remember it and it is so cute! I love this card.
I am still waiting for my die.. it was on back order. Hugs