Friday, January 13, 2017


Hi Di (since you're almost the only one who looks at my blog),

Anyhow here are three cards I made recently, this first one you should recognize with the clear window looking into the card, as the one I sent to John for his birthday.  Hope he got it in time.

It is a card I copied from someone on Pinterest can't remember her blog name though.  She had a nice tutorial explaining the dimensions of all pieces for the card, which made it pretty simple to follow along.
Here's a shot of the inside before I added the birthday verse...

This is the second one I made the same day...

 And another...

As you can see I made 2 of each design and later made several more of the Wetlands goose set.

That's it for right now, thanks for looking.


Nance Leedy said...

These cards are even prettier IRL! I love the colors and background stamping of the Celebrate one and the bold flower of the birthday one. The window sheet idea for the Wetlands stamp is a great idea!

Diane - said...

Nancy... I LOVE all three cards! Yes John got his in time and it was fantastic. I was inspecting it to duplicate it of course. I thought I sent you a message, but perhaps I'm mistaken.... either way I/He loved it. Also I love the coloring tape technique that was one of my favorites, but it looks lovely in the soft colors too, I've only done it bold/dark colors.
Your second card is adorable. That's the one I have TWO of... however, when I thought I was getting TWO...I was thinking of your "celebrate" card from Dec 29 ? So again... my bad. I didn't like it at first, now that I see how YOU used it, I might change my mind.
The big Flower done with "swish" stamps is fantastic! Very clever and I like the colors on this one too.
Now WE are REALLY alike making TWO of everything ... Sure comes in handy when you need a card, right?